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About Crystal

Mom. Wife. Navy Veteran. Owner and Operator

Crystal is the owner and operator of Swingin’ Fun By Crystal. She personally designs and hand makes each and every swing sent out with honor and integrity..

In my world of constant chaos and insanity, I have found taking a few moments out of my day to play with my kids no matter how much is going on helps calm me down and refocus my efforts in other things. I created my swings in order to help other parents take time to enjoy those moments as well.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Crystal Miller



Providing you with high quality, handmade baby, toddler, and hammock swings

You can be proud, comfortable, and safe using our swings while you create the best lifetime memories with your young ones while they’re still young.

My story and the reason I decided to make swings is a sad one

My brother and sister in law had a still born baby last year, Coppen Pate Davis, and it completely devastated my entire family. There was a funeral and it was simply awful. Words cannot describe that experience. That was their second child. Their first born had just turned a year old a few weeks prior to it happening.

The first time I saw her smile after it happened was when she asked me to make her one these baby swings for my nephew. I knew I had to help others find that kind of joy in life.

Joy and happiness are often pushed to the sidelines in pursuit of things or jobs. She chose in a time of incredible hurt to find love and joy instead of sitting with pain and that spoke to my heart. My swings are made with that love in mind and each one comes with prayers and blessings from my home to yours.

Crystal Miller

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