Hardware & Installation Instructions

I do not provide hardware with the purchase of our swings because every situation is different, and you are best able to decide what will work best for you.

Recommended Hardware

Stainless Steel Quick Link – this has a 1,100 lb weight capacity, and is used for connecting your new swing or hammock to the support hooks.

Stainless Steel Hanging Hook Kit – These can be used indoors or outdoors. Simply install and hook your quick link to it to hang your swing.

Stainless Steel Hook Loop – These can be used indoors or outdoors.

Installation Instructions

To install this swing,

  1. Find a stud beam in ceiling, drill a hole the size of hook (hook is not included).
  2. Hand screw in hook and pull hard to insure the hook is properly installed.
  3. Hang swing with locking D-ring (not included)
  4. Double check stability of hook by putting weight in the swing to be sure of hook installation

Always test the swing before putting children in it. 

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