Through-the-Years Transitional Swings

Announcing our latest product feature! Our swings go from 6 months (or unsupported sitting age) to 6 years with the transitional option. The baby swing allows for stability and support as your darling little one is learning muscle control AND encourages independence and confidence as they explore the world around them into childhood.

They start out as a baby swing and gently hug each one as they float in the air. They come with a support pillow to give extra comfort and security for early sitters. As your child grows and becomes for independent, the front of the swing drops down to an open faced swing that can be used for years to come as a wonderful swing they can confidently use by themselves!

3 Simple steps to independent Swingin’ Fun for your little one!

Step 1- Untie the front top knots in the paracord to release the front bar.

Step 2- rotate the front bar with fabric under the swing and button to the bottom. (note- you may need to unwrap the paracord from the ends of the bar.)

Step 3- Unbutton the straps underneath the swing and secure around the bar for extra stability.

I hope you enjoy your new swing and if you have any questions or just want to let me know how much fun your little one is having, send me a message!

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